Cleaning up privacy for a Facebook generation

My guest post for TechCrunch on the need for transparency and standardisation of privacy settings for all services that we trust with our personal information.  I conclude that the following principles should be applied universally:

  1. “We are clearly told at what privacy level a service operates at
  2. The privacy level cannot be changed on us without us knowing
  3. We have an ability to have our information deleted should we so wish it”


“that privacy online should have a standard system of easily understood levels:

  1. Me: what I keep totally to myself
  2. Family: what I share with family and close friends
  3. Friends: what I share with wider friends and acquaintances
  4. Business: what I share with a business, which is not shared onwards
  5. Business to Business: what I’ve shared with a business and that business then shares with other businesses
  6. Public: information in the public domain, found by anyone”

As well as comments on the TechCrunch post itself there are further comments on the Linkedin Group “Data Ownership in the Clouds

Privacy Levels proposed by Julian Ranger of DADapp (

About Julian Ranger

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