Facebook changes – Groups and Data Portability


Social Sites, and many other applications, don't allow you to easily get your data out

Walled Gardens


Facebook announced three changes to their site yesterday, two of which, I have commented on.

Read aboutFacebook Groups on the DAD blog and about Data Portability on the SocialSafe blog

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  1. Good info–thanks for the link.

  2. Hi. Really, is there any point in saving data which I have posted myself? If I am so keen to save data, I’d rather save it before posting. I think that greater value lies in saving data posted by friends and organizations. People and organizations put up rich information on Facebook. That kind of data should be saved. People anyways save important data either by copy paste in Word, or by pasting links to Evernote. You’ve mentioned something about FB not allowing this? There are no such terms in their useage of their APIs. Can you point out to a specific clause in their latest terms?

    • Whether you want to save your own data is a very personal decision. Many people do as it is very much like their diary of what they have been doing. Imagine saving your Facebook posts where you say where you’re going one evening and one why, your Foursquare check-in, your tweets whilst there and Facebook status afterwards – show all these interleaved in a time ordered manner and you get a great history of the event whatever it was – only an example, but one of many reasons why you might want this data.
      Today we have a lot of data about ourselves spread in various places – if we could bring this together in a structured way and reuse and browse that data there are a lot of new things we could do. This is one of the aims we have with DAD (www.dadapp.com) and also when SocialSafe (www.socialsafe.net) is expanded to cover other social networks and is made DAD aware.
      As to copying other people’s data this is usually covered by the Terms & Conditions for web services – the API may allow access, but you’ll find that the T&Cs often restrict the purpose this data can be put to, though I know many apps that seem to ignore these restrictions. Clearly, noting things for a personal purpose (as I often do with interesting blogs, etc in my Evernote repository) is usually OK, but that’s not always the case.

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