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DAD, created by DAD Solutions Ltd, is the new software to help organise all your data on your computer in an open and reusable way, and to provide a 100% private and secure sharing capability.  Yesterday was the press launch of DAD and a comprehensive review of the DAD software was posted on TechCrunch.

I am the founder and CEO of DAD and I firmly believe that DAD will revolutionise the way all of us get to interact with our digital data in the future.  No more walled gardens where we organise and enhance our data in one program, but cannot use that in another nor migrate to a different program – open data is the key here.  No more having to compromise privacy when sharing our data – a 100% private, secure sharing capability is a core feature of DAD.  No more remembering to do those routine tasks such as backup or copying data from one computer to another or sending photos to family members, etc – DAD comes with a full rules engine to automate these tasks.  There is a lot more to DAD to come – please keep looking at for details of our vision and for new changes as we roll them out.

We started the DAD program early in 2009, based upon a simple idea I had which itself was based on work I did with my previous business STASYS on the military internet for 20+ years; however, this is far from a solo project.  We have a fantastic team at DAD, some of which worked with me previously at STASYS, and others who have joined along the way – as an angel investor I know that the team is the most important part of any business and it is a real pleasure to know that the DAD team is right up there with the best.

On this exciting day I’d also like to note how as an angel investor it is hugely beneficial for me to still be deeply involved in an entrepreneurial business and one where I have raised funds from other angels and will be doing so again.  Having to raise money makes me much more receptive to the difficulties other entrepreneurs are facing when they pitch to me and that makes for better decision making all round I think.

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