Web Privacy – a top trend in 2010

Privacy on the web, or the lack thereof, has been a major discussion item in 2010 and this was reflected by ReadWriteWeb who have decided privacy was one of the top trends of 2010.  I have written about Privacy a number of times last year most notably a guest post on TechCrunch where I proposed a clear definition of privacy levels and some fundamental principles and subsequently in a guest post on Chinwag where I talked about the need for some form of privacy certification that was understandable by the layman.  On this latter point I gave a presentation to the British Computer Society (BCS) Information Security Specialist Group (ISSG) on 1st December – this is included below.

The key point in the presentation is that the desire for privacy is NOT different in the digital and physical worlds.  The presentation then explains that privacy principles can be simply explained and proposes that the levels and principles I have defined previously be used as the basis for a web privacy certification process.

I am sure that there are modifications to these levels and privacy principles that would make them better and clearer and I would welcome any comments to that effect (or any comments at all).  It is important in my view that the proposal is as simple to understand as the two check boxes used on so many physical forms (Slide 34 of the presentation) – there are many layers to the Privacy issue; this is simply the base layer, but all the more important for that.

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