Facebook Privacy Settings – still too complicated?

The website All Facebook has an excellent article posted last week on how to lock down your privacy settings on Facebook: “The 10 Facebook Privacy Settings You Need To Know”.

I have only one question: If I need to know these 10 things then aren’t the privacy settings too complex?

Facebook provides a host of excellent features, all of which are relatively easy to use, yet the privacy settings are not – clearly this is deliberate.  I can understand the imperative for Facebook to use people’s data to make money – a trade for providing a free service; however, this trade is a trade too far.  Privacy should not be treated so lightly nor in an underhand manner.

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  1. Facebook is far too complicated for the average user.

    There’s just way too many security/tool options to ensure that you are remaining safe/semi-private online.

    I don’t use Facebook anymore; you have to be extremely careful about commenting on someone else’s ‘wall’ or photos. You just never know who is going to read your posts; from family members to your employer. It’s not a safe environment at all.

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