WorkSnug secures funding

A week ago I was one of nine angel investors to invest in WorkSnug, an app that helps you identify good work places when you are mobile – and a lot more to come.  TechCrunch have written an article on WorkSnug which can be found here.

There was an interesting comment on the TechCrunch article from someone questioning why 9 angels would invest a total of only £110K in a business, this being on average only £12.2K each.  The answer is simple – Richard Leyland who is the founder is a very impressive individual who has done very well with the business already, gaining revenue virtually from launch.  My view on any investment is it is 50% team, 25% idea & 25% revenue plan – WorkSnug fills all 3 aspects excellently and I was keen to be involved even if the amount available to invest was not huge.  There are never guarantees of success in any start-up business, but WorkSnug has the right ingredients and I am happy to be a small part today of what I believe has every chance of being a flourishing and much larger business tomorrow.

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