Announcing the Creation of the Open Digital Privacy Foundation

For some time I have been writing articles on this blog site and been speaking publicly about Privacy and the need for Clarity in Internet Privacy, and I have also followed the principles I espouse in several of my businesses, notably and In the process I have met with many others who share my concerns and share the strong desire to do something about it. Not to rely on or propose further Government regulation which would inevitably fracture the World Wide nature of the Web, but to encourage clarity in internet policy through greater business openness and self-regulation to serve the interests of consumers. It is a common belief that businesses that support their customers with clarity re privacy will be rewarded with greater loyalty and business – it is in our own interests as businesses making products for or using the web to support our customers and not to abuse them.

One of those I have met over the last couple of years is James Firth who is well known in the privacy and digital legislation space – he is the author of the well respected blog James and I have joined forces to try and make a difference in this area of clarity in internet privacy and have created the Open Digital Privacy Foundation, part of the Open Digital Policy Organisation.

The founding charter, aims and mission of the Open Digital Policy Organisation and the Foundation are defined at and James has posted an opening blog looking for others to be involved – please have a look and if you can help James as CEO please contact him directly or myself (as Chairman).

I look forward to helping improve the overall respect of user privacy through the Web – and I hope you do too.

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