Spamming with Google+

Google+ was launched this week and I have been lucky enough to get an account. Immediately on using it I was faced with a dilemma – how to find people to connect with? Actually, this is very easy – just look at the person who invited me and I see all of their friends. So add those I know to my ‘circles’. Then look at the friends of those friends (yes I can see them with no restriction) and start adding away.

But wait – I can do more.  Just search for someone rich and famous in the search box. Up comes their profile (if they are onGoogle+) and yes I can add them to my new ‘spam’ circle whether they want to be added or not.

Now I have a list of loads people I want to contact in my spam circle and I can send them a nice friendly message introducing them to my new product – yippee – spammer’s delight.

(Apologies to the one well known reporter who I did spam just to prove this point.)

“One way friending” doesn’t seem like a good idea to me – what do you think? Have I missed something in this rapid first look evaluation?



(This post made me think of Bob Marley and his song Jammin for some reason – it works quite well if you replace Jammin with Spammin)

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  1. There are controls on this, but they may not be obvious at first. It is possible to edit one’s Google Profile settings so that the contents of Circles are not visible to the wider world. I’ve set mine up so that “the public” cannot see the contents of my circles, but I’ve allowed people within my circles to see them – which is OK as I’m adding them so if I trust you I give you access to who I know. At the moment it doesn’t seem to be possible to limit visibility across circles with a great deal of granularity. It’s v0.1 and in a technical test phase, so I think these sorts of things are subject to change.

    • Andy – yes, there are some controls to limit visibility of who is in your circles and as you say it is V0.1 It is possible to determine who is in your circles though by looking at your posts, but then if you’ve shared the post with me that isn’t too bad. Interestingly it is now clear that posts from people who have added you, but who you haven’t added, is shown not in your main home page, but in the “Incoming” section. This means spam won’t come to you directly, but you’ll still be notified (unless you’ve turned them all off) of spam additions. One to watch over the next few weeks.

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