LinkedIn comes to SocialSafe

{EAV:11b96e3dbedb541c}SocialSafe, one of my investments via iBundle, is your aggregated social timeline.  SocialSafe is an app for PC/Mac which downloads all of your social network data (Facebook inc Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google+, Viadeo  today, with Instagram, Flickr, etc coming soon) and allows you to view the aggregated sum through a calendar interface, and provides full search, export and other viewing capabilities.  SocialSafe works for consumers and also for businesses who have a more regulatory and analytics focus.

Next week we will be releasing an update to the Pro (£5/year) and Enterprise (£10/year) versions which adds download, viewing, search and export of LinkedIn data.  This opens up Socialsafe as a useful utility for all those business people who may have got round to using LinkedIn, but have yet to dip their toes in the Facebook and Twitter waters.  And of course is available for all those who are long time users of these other social networks too!

I thought I would show you all a quick demo of the initial LinkedIn integration in a video below using our current test version, and in the second video I continue the example by looking at the detailed information you can export in spreadsheet friendly form.

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  1. Julian – I would be interested to hear when you have a Linux version up and running – Nice idea !

    • Thanks for your comment. We have been told that SocialSafe runs on Linux as it runs on the Adobe Air platform which has a Linux version; however, we don;t formally support Linux. I’ll send you a licence for you to try and see if it works on your Linux installation. Cheers, Jules

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