Wantatshirt hits The Mirror – Serendipity is wonderful

The coincidence of being in the right place and the right time can do wonders for any business.  Through my innovation hub, iBundle, I am part of the Wantatshirt business with our partners Propaganda Creative and Fanela.  The aim of the business is to source high quality rights images, apply these to high quality T-shirts designed to a high quality, and then printed on demand to a high quality such that they are indistinguishable from stock T-shirts – clearly our emphasis is on high quality.

The innovation is do this in the print on demand space and this requires technology which is where we at iBundle come in – being able to manage the sale process through our own Wantatshirt site, others special websites such Don’t Talk To Me About Heroes, and through other channels such as our Amazon shop – and then collating all sales to be printed and dispatched by Fanela each day.

So where does serendipity come in to this story?  Well we have been talking to The Mirror about putting some of their iconic images on T-shirts and selling through Wantatshirt.com – this is good for both sides as we get exposure obviously and our licence partners get sales income without anyone having to outlay for stock.  Discussions were going well and then out of nowhere Kylie Minogue, that ever so slightly popular singer, wears a T-shirt on her UK tour with a Mirror front page on it.  24 hours later after some frantic activity on all sides and we have a selection of the best historical Mirror front pages ready to go on our Wantatshirt site and a large reader offer published in The Mirror this morning, with more to come.

Fashion (Propaganda Creative) meets technology (iBundle) meets manufacturing (Fanela) meets serendipity (Kylie) meets a brand (The Mirror) meets our customers (You!) – hopefully pleasing everyone!

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