Users often express it best ..

Any business must spend a lot of time and effort in trying to encapsulate their product messaging, both in succinct titles/strap lines and in expanded (but still brief!) product descriptions.  Once you’re out in the market though it pays to listen to your customers and see what they think you are and do; they often express it better than you.

SocialSafe, one of my iBundle businesses, is a social media backup tool for both personal users and businesses.  Jason White of DragonSearch just wrote a review of SocialSafe after using it for several weeks for the DragonSearch internet marketing company; in his introduction he makes the case for SocialSafe very succinctly.  The whole of the blog is definitely worth a read if you’re interested in ScoialSafe, but his intro is definitely worth highlighting:

” I’m an agency guy, so how could I have not known about social media archiving? I calmed down and thought through it; our web properties are just as important as and no less vulnerable than the documents stored anywhere else. The harsh burn of document loss has been felt by many, so why do we treat our web properties differently? With Twitter recently turning 6 years old, many of us have a startling amount of data within the social sphere that is simply housed on the servers of our beloved social networks. With the ability to backup connections, photos, and interactions, SocialSafe is the set-it-and-forget-it tool that allows users to keep control over their online personae.”

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