Digital age wiping our memories clean

There is an interesting leader article in The Times today entitled “The digital age is wiping our memories clean”.  The central premise is that with digital data what is their to pass on to our families when we die?  No physical photos, books, collections, diaries, etc.

This leader article was written in association with the #digitalcrystal exhibition at the Design Museum where various designers have created (fairly esoteric in my view) answers to this conundrum.

A simple way to pass on your digital data would be to create a single “digital locker” of everything that might be of interest to your children and future generations, but how to create such a locker?  The biggest issue of course is in collating all your far flung digital data into a single Locker and then of course extracting from that if you want to pass on only an edited memory.

Interestingly this falls right into the sphere of two of my businesses.  The first SocialSafe ( brings together all your social network data into a single collection, owned by you on your computer, searchable as a single collection and viewable by date across all your social networks – so the first part of your digital locker then.

The second, DADapp, whilst primarily a private sharing app today, has the vision of creating your complete Life Catalog or Digital Locker (many aspects are already within the application) – see

So it is possible to automatically and simply bring your data together; however, The Times poses that extra question – what to leave to future generations?  Do you want to leave your entire digital history for others or just an extract, and if an extract, are you up to doing the work that that might involve or are there clever algorithms one could create and tailor to do that for you?  One thing is for certain this is an area where there will be a) a lot more debate and b) a lot more development before we reach a steady state (if we ever do).

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